Escrow Plugin for Wordpress WooCommerce

Our Woocommerce plugin allows you receive escrow payments directly from your WooCommerce store and Wordpress marketplaces.

Installing from the Plugins Page

We recommend that you update your Wordpress and Woocommerce extension to the latest versions. Also ensure you have the latest Vesicash Plugin for WooCommerce from within the WordPress Admin Panel. To do this, open the WordPress Admin Panel, navigate to Plugins, navigate to Add New, and then searching for Vesicash using the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the page. The Vesicash Escrow plugin should then appear, which you may proceed to install or update via the buttons in the resulting listing as shown in the image.

Woocommerce Wordpress Escrow Plugin
Installing Manually

Download the latest version from here. Then head over to your Wordpress Admin panel, click on Plugins, then click on Add New, and then click on Upload Plugin. This will display a form for uploading the .zip file you downloaded earlier. Click on Choose File to browse to the .zip file, select the .zip file, and click Open. Now click Install Now to start the installation, then click Activate. If successful, Vesicash Escrow for Woocommerce should now appear as an option under the Checkout tab of the WooCommerce Settings page.

Woocommerce Wordpress Escrow Payment Plugin

This Plugin has been tested with the following softwares and we do not guarantee it to work with older versions.

WooCommerce 3.8.0

WordPress 5.8

PHP 7.0


The settings for this plugin can be found by clicking on WooCommerce on the Left tab, then click on Settings, then click on Payments , click on Vesicash Escrow, toggle the Enabled button, and then finally click the Setup button.

Redirect URL
This is the link where we would redirect your customers to after a successful payment for an order.
We have automatically generated one for you, please copy it and paste on the corresponding Redirect URL field in the settings page of the Vesicash dashboard.

Webhook URL
This is would auto-update every order that was sucessfully paid for using this pluagin.
We have automatically generated one for you, please copy it and paste on the corresponding Webhook URL field in the settings page of the Vesicash dashboard.

Vesicash Private API key
This is the API Key you generated in your Vesicash dashboard.

Vesicash Business ID
This is the Account ID that was created for your in the Vesicash dashboard.

API Environment URL
This is the API URL you wish to use with your Woocommerce store.
More on this in the next section.

Vesicash Escrow Fee Paid By
This controls who bears the escrow transaction charge for all orders created via this plugin. Either the Buyer or Seller can pays this fees.

Inspection Period
This controls how long the inspection period is for each order that gets via this plugin.

Shipping Fee
This is the amount that you wish to allocate to shipping for each order.

Transaction Type
This controls the type of transactions that get created on Vesicash via this plugin. At the moment, transaction types are limited to Product, but in the future we hope to cater to Milestone transactions.

Expected Delivery Time
This represents the typical number of days it takes you to ship an order. Please note that our escrow technology would work with this number to inform your customer about when they would likely get the order.

Website Type
This represents the type of website you operate. "Marketplace" signifies that you operate a multivendor platform and "Ecommerce" signifies that you operate a "Single vendor platform".
Selecting "Marketplace" option means that all funds would be disbursed into your vesicash wallet and you can further disburse them to your vendor's bank account using the "Disbursement Tab" provided in the admin area on your wordpress website.

Note: Our plugin would automatically pick the Currency set in your woocommerce settings.

Woocommerce Wordpress Escrow Payment Plugin
API Environment URL

The environment URL has two values you can choose from Live ( and Sandbox (

The Live environment option should be selected when test has been completed. Transaction payment made in this environment requires that real money be paid. Visit to generate API Keys for live environment

Sandbox option should be selected when running test, payment made in this environment doesn't cost real money. Visit to generate API Keys for sandbox environment

Dashboard API Keys

Please ensure that the Private API Key you put here matches the API Environment URL and Vesicash Business ID you plan to use. For example, if you intend to create test transactions in the sandbox area, ensure you create a sandbox account, paste the sandbox account id and Private API Key, and then set API Environment url to sandbox url to avoid errors.

Woocommerce Wordpress Escrow Payment Plugin
Vesicash Order Area

We added this admin area to make it easy for you to orders directly from your wordpress dashboard without coming to our website.
Vesicash Orders allows you monitor all orders that has been carried out using the plugin Settings allows you to easily configure this plugin to soothe your needs. Disbursements allows you to disburse funds from your vesicash wallet to your vendors and anyone you want. This feature is useful for marketplaces.

Woocommerce Wordpress Escrow Payment Plugin