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Ensuring Trust for the digital economy

Our flexible escrow technology ensures that digital commerce is always a transparent process.
Our system is designed to meet various business use cases.

Peer to Peer Transactions

Release of funds is dependent on the authorisation of transacting parties.


Instant Escrow

Create an escrow transaction in minutes, without signing up, in just 3 easy steps.

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Receive escrow payments via a unique payment link. Ideal for sellers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Moneypool is a secure and customizable escrow payment collection system for your group payments.

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Milestone Escrow

Milestone Escrow allows you to release your escrowed funds at the successful completion of each pre-set project milestone.

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Business Use Cases

Our proprietary escrow infrastructure has been tailored to meet VARIOUS business use cases.



Our escrow technology enables platform owners to foster user loyalty by leveraging on the trust capital that escrow generates.

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E-commerce websites and webshops can integrate escrow into their website via their preferred method

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B2B Commerce

Initiate, track and manage escrow payments for your procurement and outsourcing using our platform

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Logistics Platform

Works with your existing systems and processes, plus you can a full range of features whenever.

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Banks connect to the Vesicash Hub to enable new use cases for both Retail and Corporate bank customers. Our API enables banks to offer Vesicash as a payment security solution for Individuals, SMEs and Corporate customers involved in low to high value transactions. Our flexible technology is deployable for multiple use cases from digital commerce, to brokerage, to international trade etc. We manage the technical interconnection while the Bank can focus on creating a better experience for their customers.

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Third Party/Broker Escrow

Hold and manage client monies in a single, transaprent, central, safeguarded transactional account on behalf of clients and stakeholders. Ideal for Laywers and other Brokers

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Get access to the Vesicash API, view documentation and get a firsthand experience of how it works via our Playground.


Interact with the Vesicash system and est out various use cases via our Playground.

API Documentation

Go through our thorough API documentation

Wordpress Plugin

Integrate Vesicash directly into your Woocommerce store.